ATRIAL septal defect, CHD congenital heart defects problems 2022 CHD congenital heart defects problems 2022

ATRIAL septal defect


What is it?

The atrial septal defect is when there is a hole in the wall in which the upper chambers of the heart divide.

This type of symptoms of heart hole can change in size and tends to become closed.

This atrial septal defect would lead to have to perform a surgical intervention.

There are other congenital heart failure, such as aortic valve stenosis.

atrial septal defect

 What are the symptoms?

The atrial septal defect symptoms that occur are:

Breathing problems

.Tendency to get tired

. Types of swelling in feet, legs and belly.

.Heartbeat changes with tendency to be rapid and hard or jumpy types of these palpitations.


  What treatment do you need?


About The asd heart treatment, doctors who are experts in heart defects recommend surgical intervention.

This is to fix the hole obtained as a birth defect in order to avoid problems when the child becomes an adult.

This type of surgery aims to close the hole.



Atrial septal defect heart murmur

The amount of blood flow to the lungs produces a sound, known as a heart murmur.

This type of sound and others like it lets the physician know what variations occur and what tends to change in size.


What kind of diet do patients need?

The diet needed for this type of heart defect is based on vegetables, fruits and cereals.

dairy products such as cheese, milk, fish.

It is recommended to do sport at least two and a half hours during the week.



This type of heart disease should be treated in time to avoid problems.
Specialized doctors recommend surgery in time and not to put the patient at risk.

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