AORTIC valve stenosis, chd congenital heart defects problems 2022

AORTIC valve stenosis, CHD congenital heart defects failure


What is it? 

This congenital type is produced for narrowing of aorta and therefore does not open correctly and as a consequence the blood does not pass to the main artery  and the whole organism.

AORTIC valve stenosis, chd congenital heart defects problems 2022

What are the symptoms?

Aortic valve stenosis symptoms present several, one of them is discomfort in the thorax, coughing that can be manifested with blood, when the person performs sports activities it is difficult to breathe, he gets tired frequently.

There is a rapid heartbeat, weakness with fainting.

What treatment do you need?

 Aortic stenosis treatment need is a delicate operation, because it involves open-heart surgery, but it is the right solution.


Aortic valve disease murmur is an ejection murmur that rises in velocity up to the middle of the ejection moment and ends at the precise moment that the aortic valve closes.

What kind of diet do patients need?

A patient with this valvular heart disease need, first of all foods with little salt, drink liquids in a controlled way, recommended types of food that have magnesium

Each types of congenital heart disease has a delicate problem for the patient, since it has to do with his heart.

When a child is born with this congenital type, it must be treated and cared for to try to give him a better quality of life.

Each type presents special characteristics that the doctor must treat so that the child can have a better life.

In our foundation, we want to help within the possibilities, if one of our children that we help has this type of congenital disease.

We have doctors who give consultations to our little stars of the heart. The collaboration in supplies for them is important to receive their treatments.

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