About Us

Who we are

Our president and founder is a congenital heart survivor who was born in Venezuela and has lived the last 34 years in the USA. She has lived her life with CHD and knows the struggles with receiving proper care.

 Through a close relationship with Ivan Machado Hernandez, Doctor and Professor of Cardiology in a renowned University in Venezuela, she was apprised of the current situation for heart affected children in her home country. 

More than 4000 children are born every year in Venezuela with CHD and more than 80% of those require surgery in the first year of life. 2000 children are on a waiting list at any given time and many die while waiting. Due to a national health system in crisis, most of these children do not ever receive proper care. 

Estrellita de Belen Foundation was established to provide help to these underprivileged children. Our foundation provides aid to these children and caregivers through funding for basic care and treatment, medical supplies, and nutritional supplements not subsidized by the government of Venezuela.

We work with parents, caregivers and local volunteers to meet the immediate needs of our little heart warriors. We are committed to the best possible care by identifying the most competent local medical professionals in the region. We are continually growing our support network to reach all areas of Venezuela. 


What we do

Our main purpose is to support congenital heart children in Venezuela through fundraising and charitable donations.

The money we raise goes directly to pay for medical treatment, medications, nutrition and supplies.

Our Volunteers