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Caring for children with congenital heart defects for a better world

Every day in the world children are born with this congenital heart disease, Venezuela does not escape from this problem.
Fundación Estrellita de Belén is aware of this and wants to contribute to give a better quality of life to these Venezuelan children.
If we attend to each case of these children with heart problems with their respective treatments, we will be giving a light signal to their lives towards the future.

September 29th World Heart day Gala

We want to make it special.

We will have a dinner gala in benefit of all the thousand children in Venezuela with Congenital Heart disease that don’t receive care.

Please join us and enjoy a great dinner at Fogo de Chao and save little hearts at the same time.

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Thank you for your support!

Belen Blanton


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September 29th is the World Heart day and in Estrellita de Belen

We can save lives

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