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Illuminate Congenital Heart Disease affecting children in Venezuela by linking services that ensure access to medical treatmets and provide care.


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I’m Belen Blanton, President of Estrellita de Belen Foundation. I was born with a congenital heart defect called tricuspid atresia causing me to now suffer from Eisenmenger Syndrome.
I now dedicate my life to fight for children with congenital disease of heart in my country of Venezuela. The situation in my country has more than 4000 children born annually with congenital heart defects. 80% of these kids require surgery before their first birthday.
Of the 2000 children currently awaiting surgery, many will die before receiving care. Our foundation provides the resources to aid the families through appointment scheduling, medical supplies, and nutritional supplements and even necessary procedures to repair their little hearts.
Our vision is to live in a world where every child has a mighty heart.

Belen Blanton

Caring for a child with congenital heart defects for a better world.

Every day in the world children are born with this congenital heart failure, Venezuela does not escape from this problem.
Fundación Estrellita de Belén is aware of this and wants to contribute to give a better quality of life to these Venezuelan children.
If we attend to each case of these children with heart problems with their respective treatments, we will be giving a light signal to their lives towards the future.

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These children successfully had their ablation and now are living a better.

Thank you Ascardio Clinic for your support and all the donations.

Better life.

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Types of congenital heart defects:

We would like to give you information about types of congenital heart disease.
Did you know what is the most common of these types of defects?
We tell you is bicuspid aortic valve, let’s get information about each of them.


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